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At Quinnell Carpentry, we believe that the craftsmanship & quality of our bespoke framing solutions are the perfect compliment to your artwork and special memories. With over 40 years experience, we understand that there are numerous options & design choices available, so we recommend that you contact us to book in a free no obligation quote where we can talk you through the different solutions available to you. Whilst we are able to offer a quote over the phone, it can be helpful, especially for larger projects, for us to come and have a consultation at your home or place of business. A  framing consultation can be as short as twenty minutes or as long as a couple of hours, depending upon the scale of your project, how involved you'd like to be, and how much you're happy to leave to your frame designer.

Quality framing solutions by skilled picture framers can quite literally transform artwork and breathe new life into interior design. For a full breakdown of all of our techniques and designs, from clean Californian frames to gloriously gilded, send us an email or call now!